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Birch Bluff House Renovation

Authentic, Beautiful Spaces Have the Power to Transform Our Lives

At the heart of Leona Rose is a remarkable team that brings every project to life. We function as a closely-knit family of detail-driven creatives who share a profound appreciation for curating spaces with thoughtfulness and care.

Design Philosophy

At the core of the designer's vision lies the belief that aesthetics wield immense power in shaping our emotional connection to a space. Crafting an aesthetically pleasing environment stands as the initial goal, recognizing that our emotional response and lasting memories often intertwine with the visual allure of a setting.

Beyond the surface, functionality emerges as the subsequent cornerstone. Prioritizing an efficient layout becomes pivotal, fostering seamless movement and activity within the kitchen. Ample cabinet storage caters to organization, eliminating clutter to evoke a sense of ease and tidiness. The integration of updated appliances, tailored to the needs of the gourmet cook, elevates the space's functionality, ensuring a seamless culinary experience.

Ultimately, this design approach intertwines beauty and utility, acknowledging that while aesthetics captivate our initial senses, it's the functional aspects that sustain and enrich our day-to-day experiences within the space.

Kelly McGauley

Owner, Designer

Since 1992, Kelly McGauley, the visionary behind Leona Rose, has translated client aspirations into realities, spanning the gamut of home styles—from modern to traditional, contemporary to formal. Her hallmark lies in her distinctive style, elegance, and adeptness in crafting captivating spaces and experiences.

Kelly’s design philosophy revolves around the idea that you need to curate for the feel and soul of the home.

leona rose interior designer

We met Kelly almost 20 years ago to help us with our dream home. Kelly was able to pinpoint both our style and our wants and wishes, and execute a beautifully decorated home that was not only jaw-dropping, but also warm and comfortable and most of all, timeless. Since then, Kelly has done two lake homes for us, our son’s home, and updated our main home again 14 years later. All with very different styles, and that is what makes her so special. We met with her just a few times on each home and trusted her to make us a beautiful timeless home. We are always in awe of what she creates.

David & Vicki

El Campo, TX

We have had the good fortune of using Kelly and her team for both of our homes now. They were both very different by intention. One being more rustic, whereas the other more Spanish modern. We have been impressed with the attention that was paid to what we asked for — the style, price points, and functions – and then Kelly used her creative genius to make these homes feel not only like pieces of art but also welcoming and peaceful. We recommend Leona Rose wholeheartedly and without reservation!


Lake Havasu, AZ

Leona Rose took the time to really know us and how we would use our new space. When we had strong preferences: Leona Rose built from our basis. When we were less sure: Leona Rose offered guidance and options. When we were passionate about elements that didn't quite fit: Leona Rose provided feedback and alternatives. Some of those ideas "evolved" and others became beloved quirks. When I considered the wide variety of designs done by Leona Rose, the common element was a certain "soulfulness" that we absolutely love!


Shorewood, MN

Let's get started

Selecting Leona Rose for your interior design project means more than choosing a designer, it's partnering for innovation. We collaborate closely with you and building experts to bring your unique story to life. Connect with us to start your design journey today.

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